Senior Design Projects

  1. 1.MCI Telecommunication, Irving, TX.  Integration of Asynchronous Network Information into a Generic Synchronous Model.  Advisees: M. Hoehn, B. Porter, S. Russell, Spring 1993.

  2. 2.McDonnell Douglas Aerospace, St. Louis, MO.  Design of an Aircraft Intake Door and Actuating Mechanism.  Advisees : C. Casaz, F. Castillo, E. Kuhlman, Fall 1993.

  3. 3.Kraft Food Ingredients, Champaign, IL.   Cost Optimization of a Vegetable Oil Bleaching Process.  Advisees: J. Curran, S.A. Martin, J. Francis, Fall 1994.

  4. 4.Northwestern Steel & Wire, Sterling, IL.  Computer Simulation of a Primary Steel Shop.  Advisees: J. Borthwick, J. Meenan, J. Williamson, Spring 1994.

  5. 5.GE Appliances, Cicero, IL, MgO Performance in Calrod Insulation.  Advisees: C. Hahn, C. Lai, E. Mitchell, Spring 1995.

  6. 6.Cummins Engine Company, Columbus, IN.  Auxiliary Power Supply for Electronic Control Module (ECM).   Advisees: S. Chan, W.R. Norris, C. Sanborn, Spring 1995.

  7. 7.Atwood Mobile Products, Rockford, IL. Low Frequency Noise Reduction in a Motor/Gearbox.  Advisees:  T. Poeschel, D. Riegle, R. Rivera, Spring 1996.

  8. 8.Plastipak, Champaign, IL.  Warehouse Layout Optimization.  Advisees:  N. Kennedy, J. Lambert, J. Lutgen, Fall 1998.

  9. 9.Plastipak Packaging, Champaign, IL. Inventory System Design, Advisees:  S. Belay, E. Graves, M. Landauer, Spring 1998.

  10. 10. Venture Precision Machining, Champaign, IL. Planning of a Manufacturing Approach. Advisees: K. Brown, S. Garcia, C. Navarro, Fall 1999.  

  11. 11. Anheuser-Busch, Inc. St. Louis, MO.  Economic Insulation Choice for a Warehouse. Advisees:  S. Cisco, G. Woloszyn, J. Woolums, Spring 1999.

  12. 12. Cummins Engine Company, Columbus, IN. Pre-Catalyst Injection System.  Advisees: A. Collado, H. Han, D. Musiol, Fall 2000.

  13. 13. Iomega Corporation, Salt Lake City, UT, Integration of PocketZip to Handspring Visor, Advisees: T. Elrick, S. Quoss, E. Sullivan, Spring 2001.

  14. 14. Atlas Electric Devices Company, Chicago, IL. Weathering Test Machine Humidity  Modification, Advisees: J. Buckler, B. Griffin, N. Torman, Spring 2002.

  15. 15. Buhrke Industries, Inc.  Arlington Heights, IL Manufacturing Record Cataloging and Retrieval System, Advisees:  J. Dobsch, J.B. Goodman, J. Krupczak, Spring 2003. 

  16. 16. Winpak Portion Packaging, Monee, IL. Thermoforming Setup Time Reduction, Advisees:  K. Barnett, A. Sangha, M. Zorich,Fall 2003.

  17. 17. Suncast Corporation, Batavia, IL. Injection Molding Setup Time Reduction, Advisees: E. Hughes, J. Kupher, G.M. Price, Spring 2004.

  18. 18. Ocem Acquisition Corporation, Chicago, IL. Photometric Test Control and Data Acquisition.  Advisees:  C. Ring, M. Welch, D. Stater, Spring 2005.

  19. 19. North American Lighting, Paris, IL.  Process Flow Improvement for Automotive Lights Production, Advisees:  E. Oswald, M. Zachar, J. Hannah, Spring 2005.

  20. 20. Bunn-O-Matic Corporation, Springfield, IL. Packaging Design Standardization.  Advisees:  B. Schneider, K. Dunham, D. Tarabori, Fall 2005.

  21. 21. Carle Foundation Hospital, Champaign, IL. Waste Stream Management and Cost Reduction.  Advisees:  H. Kaplan, M. Manfredo, M. O’Connell, Fall 2007.

  22. 22. Chicago Trading Corporation, Chicago, IL. Graphical Interface Development for Analysis of Historic Data, Advisees:  A. Green, K. Sharp, C. Panek, Spring 2008.

  23. 23. Transco Products, Streator, IL. Project Review Documentation Flow Analysis, Advisees: A. Nena, D. Shah, A. Schmid, Fall 2008.

  24. 24. A.J. Antunes & Company, Carol Stream, IL. Heating Element Service Life Extension, Advisees:  J.C. DiMare, S.E. Nelson, E.R. Schultz, Fall 2009.

  25. 25. CMC Electronics, Sugar Grove, IL. Heads-Up Display Calibration Time Reduction, Advisees:  M. Michellotti, I. Nevln, G. Tiffany, Spring 2009.

  26. 26. Hanley Industries, Alton, IL.   Three-Stage Powder Press Feedback Control, Cost Reduction and Modernization.  Advisees:  B.M. Wynn, R.G. Goldbeck, J.P. Klemens, Fall 2009.

  27. 27. Quantum Food. Inc. Bolingbrook, IL.  pH, Salinity and Temperature Measurement and Control for Portioned Steak Processing.  Advisees:  L.M. Klump, C.M. Moline, K.P. Moore, A. Rhear, Spring 2010.

  28. 28. Chem Processing, Inc. Rockford, IL. Tank Chemistry Monitoring and Feedback Control. Advisees:  M. Froggart, D. Lee, R. Tomchek, Spring 2010.

  29. 29.Methode Connector Products.  Harwood Heights, IL.  Antenna Design for Substrate Matching and Signal Strength Optimization.  Advisees: A. Mazen, A.J. Gunther, A.J. Lien, T.V. Ward. Spring 2011.

  30. 30.Lovejoy, Downers Grove, IL Automation Concepts for Powdered Metal Parts Production.  Advisees: G.G. Davisson, G.C. Holzer, W.J. Niemira, K.Q. Taylor. Spring 2011.